School Uniforms

– School Uniform Manufacturers –


Our school uniforms made with the highest quality of craftsmanship and consistency. Moreover, as a high quantity manufacturing CMT, our school uniforms are available directly to schools as well as resellers.

From our high capacity production factory in Johannesburg, Gauteng we are able to absorb high volume orders comfortably with superb lead times.

Pricing & Quote

It is in your favor to provide your own materials as this usually works out to be much cheaper in the long run. However we are able to send you a quote inclusive of materials.

We don’t offer a fixed pricing schedule for our school uniforms items due to ever changing markets in the clothing & textiles industry. Click on the link below to get a quote from us.

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Our Boys & Girls School Uniforms:

– Some Tips on Our Service –

Some Important Tips

Provide Specifications

The onus lies on you to provide the correct specifications of your required order(ie, correct quantities, correct sizes and correct patterns if necessary). Above all, Busanitextiles will not be held liable for errors arising from the client during production phase.

Providing your own material.

Providing your own materials will prohibit any delays in manufacturing, in other words, delays arising from printing or fabric availability. This should allow you to negotiate fabric prices with your own suppliers.

Larger Quantities

We usually offer preferential prices for quantities over 1000 units. We consider every quote on its onw merit and allow negotiation for medium to high quantities.

Enough Completion Time

Our standard completion time for medium to large CMT orders is between 30 – 45 days. We do however, provide express services to ensure that you receive your goods sooner than expected. Likewise, all the above conditions has to be taken into account.

Busanitextiles is a division of Busani Clothing Entreprise Pty Ltd.