– Lock Down Essentials –

Fabric Face Mask

Our production process is designed to accommodate large quantity orders for fabric face mask at any given time. All our products are priced at wholesale factory rates.

To get a free quote, fill in the contact form or contact info@busanitextiles.co.za

Feel free to also set an appointment with us, we have in house samples that you are able to come and have a look at.

Our Covid-19 Response Fabric Masks Include:


All our fabric masks are designed and produced as per your direct specification.

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The Deaf Clear Face Mask

People with hearing disabilities primarily make use of mouth and facial movements as a means of communication alongside using sign language and writing. This mode of communication is restricted with the government requirement for fabric face masks.

Specifications of the mask are as follows:

  • The face of the mask is made from pvc clear plastic for clear vision of the mouth area.
  • The frame of the mask is made from black cotton fabric with black elastic straps around the ear.
  • The mask also has a valve for breathability.
  • Each mask comes with a 6ml anti-fog solution that allows the mask to remain clear for 24 hours.
  • The mask is packaged in a clear plastic pack after disinfection and sanitation.

Due to the production costs of this special product, we can only produce quantities from 100 and over for this mask at R85.00 per mask. Our production period depends on the number of masks ordered.

The size of the mask varies from small, medium, large and extra large.

The mask is perfect for client facing organizations who would require visibility of the mouth area to communicate, the mask frame is brandable as well thus making it perfect for corporate branding.

The mask is also perfect for deaf schools and universities allowing educators to communicate clearly with pupils who depend heavily on mouth mouth and facial movements.

Send us a direct message via whatsapp to inquire on our deaf friendly clear mask.

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