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“For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”

Nelson Mandela

Nkululeko Busani was born and raised in Pretoria by a single mother, and he is the eldest of three sons. He’s currently 26 years of age and a proud ‘born free’. His mother owned a restaurant while he was young, Mike’s Kitchen, and this is where his passion for entrepreneurship began. He was 14 years old when he started off as a cleaner and scrubbed toilets and washed dishes, she then promoted him to a ‘peeler’ which entailed me peeling and prepping food. At 16 years old he then learned how to make gourmet burgers and grill different types of meat. At 18 years old he then became a waiter, and despite being the ‘golden boy’ of the store, Nkululeko became one of the highest performing waiters on the floor.

One of his favourite hobbies growing up was dramatic arts, he dreamt of being a famous actor one day and performing in front of thousands of people. Nkululeko then later realised that his purpose was in entrepreneurship as well as changing peoples lives through business.


He finished off his matric at Crawford College Pretoria, It was in that year where he had the opportunity to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washing DC, America. An organisation formed to help young pupils gain a global perspective and adopt in-demand leadership skills, gain the diverse perspectives of peers from around the world, and connect with other global-issues leaders.

I acquired a Bachelor of Sciences in Applied & Computational Mathematics & Economics at the University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa. My next educational step is do a Post Graduate Dimploma in Digital Business at Wits Business School. I believe that it is continuous education and learning that brings sustainable change, it is the quest for the unknown that inspires todays reality.

Work Experience

I starting my corporate career at Investec Private Bank from the tender age of 19 years of age as an Extended Hours Client Support Banker, I moved on to specialise in transactional banking and serviced clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, America and other parts of the world.

I then moved on to become a Sales Consultant for Auto & General Australia on behalf of Telesure Investment Holdings. This role is where I truly explored every skill in my fibre necessary for building a successful entrepreneurial career.

Other Business Interests

Nkululeko is the founder for a leading formal clothing brand in Johannesburg Busanimen, a company that is funded and supported by Standard Bank Enterprise Development. Nkululeko is also passionate of property as means of wealth creation and income diversification.


Nkululeko enjoys writing and performing poetry as he believes that self expression is an important skill to hone and perfect in business. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as his beautiful baby daughter Alwande.

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