– Our Why –

“It is our core responsibility as a people to assist in eradicating poverty in our society. We need to do more to educate one another and empower each other, and do less of feeding each other momentarily for the sake of self pity”

Nkululeko Lehapa, Founder of Busanitextiles.
Nkululeko Lehapa, Founder of Busanitextiles.

In 2020, the South African unemployment rate was 30.1%.

Busanitextiles, was founded with the sole purpose of creating employment in our immediate community and eradicating poverty through continuous skills development. Each and every single partner in our ecosystem who makes use of our high quality products and services plays an important role in our employment creation value chain in our company.

Therefore, Busanitextiles was founded for the people, the people of South Africa.

Our business model is designed for the current technological world that we live in as this allows us to be innovative and forward thinking in the way we conduct business. Convenience is todays major currency and all our products and services are easily accessible online, we ensure high quality checks of all clothing textiles and we ensure that the production and delivery time accommodates the clients required time frame.

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Busanitextiles is a division of Busani Clothing Entreprise Pty Ltd.

Busani Clothing Entreprise Pty Ltd is a proud Standard Bank Enterprise Development Beneficiary, this provides us with specialized resources and tools to handle high volumized orders with high levels of consistency.